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Introducing FootGolf at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club!
FootGolf is a combination of two great sports, golf and soccer! Now available at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club, the game is played very similar to golf but with a regulation #5 soccer ball instead of clubs, the holes are shortened and the goal is to kick the ball into 21-inch diameter cups using the least amount of kicks possible. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf.

FootGolf is a GREAT opportunity to spend time with your friends and family outdoors and Yucaipa Valley is the perfect location for all ages and skill levels! Contact the golf shop today to book your fun.


“Amazing family experience! We did not know what to expect and had very little knowledge of the sport called Foot Golf. But after encouragement and a brief demonstration from the team at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club, my family and I loaded into several golf carts and set out for our adventure. Even Grandma joined the fun. My four and five year-olds had a blast and thought kicking a ball into a hole in the ground was entertaining. We went for the nine hole option and had quality family time free of distractions.” – Jason H., Yucaipa Valley FootGolf Customer


These rules are a revised version of the first FootGolf World Cup Rules played in Budapest, Hungary in June 2012. All of the FIFG Member countries in November 2013 were invited to provide their opinion on the rules of play and a list of alternative options.

The FIFG discussed each of these alternatives individually, reviewed and considered all the options, and in the cases where the majority agreed, changed the rules to suit.

In the cases where the alternative options were tied, the board discussed the made the decision. London, UK. Feb 2014. The American FootGolf League participated and collaborated in the creation of the international rules of FootGolf.